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About Syneton

Syneton wants to offer a solution to every service organisation that wants to streamline the organisation of their administration in order to become more profitable. This is accomplished by time registration, project management, customer management (CRM), employee management (HRM), contact management, reporting…

Syneton is specialised in:

  • Offering solutions to organisations such as law offices, project organisations, accountants, marketing agencies, expertise firms…
  • Document management & planning
  • Intranet and extranet solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • Offering solutions that make life at the office more comfortable for you and your customers.


  • Admin-IS


    You’re a specialised in the field of accountancy?

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  • Admin-Consult


    Do you want to simplify your administration?

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  • AdminPulse

    An efficient office in half a day

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  • Admin-DMS


    Manage all of your documents in one place?

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  • AdminPower

    Fast visual insight into real time data!

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  • Admin-News

    A simple newsletter tool?

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  • Admin-Survey

    Create your own surveys?

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  • Admin-Mobile

    A solution for smartphone users.

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Rent a meeting room

Are you looking for a location to organise?

Are you looking for a location to organise...

...a reception
...a meeting
...a seminar
...a teambuilding event
...a product launch
...a training
...a private event

We offer you our facilities!


Why consider a SME instead of a multinational company?

Why consider a SME instead of a multinational company? Friendly atmosphere, close communication, involvement and added value!

Syneton is constantly looking for people to strengthen its team. If you don’t find the vacancy you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to apply anyway. We are constantly looking for dynamic and driven people that aren’t afraid of new challenges.

Do you live in our neighbourhood (Klein-Brabant) and do you want to work closer to home? Contact us!


Fear of the cloud

23 Oct

Is my data safe in the cloud? Suppose I can't access my data? What if such a cloud server fails? What do these providers do with my data? Isn't cloud expensive? In this short blog post we will explain exactly how it works!

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