CashflowByWeb – streamline your invoice management!

Companyweb - specialist in the field of company information in Belgium.

Isabel - the most important provider of internet banking for professional organizations in Belgium.

Connective - Digital Signatures, Identity Services, Smart Documents

POM - 1 solution for all your invoices!

BilltoBox - the digital link between you and your customer.

Connection with accounting software:

Accowin (LBRP)
Admisol Accountancy (Admisol)
Alpha Management (be.wan)
Atilissima (Illico Soft)
Azur (Sita Software)
BOB (Sage)
BoCount Dynamics (Christiaens)
Briljant Account (Kluwer)
Calculo (Eweb Consult)
Ciel (Ciel by Sage)
Cockpit (Just Software)
ConXion Account.NET (ConXion)
Cubic Pro (Exact Software)
Dave Accounting (Just Software)
DLV Admin (DLV Belgium)
Exact Online (Exact Software)
Expert/M Plus (Kluwer)
FiadPro (Desk Solutions)
Finance (Orbis Software)
Horus (Horus)
Integral (Tip Group)
Lex-A (Acta-B)
Multivers (Unit4 C-Logic)
Octopus (Inaras)
Optimum (Zen soft)
Popsy (Popsy Software)
Praxis (Praxis)
ProAcc (Exact Software)
Quadra (Cegid)
Sage 100 (Sage)
Sobec (Template)
Super Hi-Link (Patrick Haesaert)
SwingCount (Servico)
topACCOUNT (Kluwer)
Venice (Unit4 C-Logic)
VERO-Count (Kluwer)
WinAuditor (WinAuditor)
WinBooks (WinBooks)
Wings (Wings Software)
Yuki (Yuki)