Do you want to simplify your administration? Admin-Consult will show you how service providers streamline their administration. Do you know the status of all the activities (projects) within your organisation? Do you know your most profitable customers? Which customers come with a loss? Can you determine the workload of your employees? SMEs can better organise this administration by automating the processes and generating invoices digitally.

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Measuring is knowing

Admin-Consult is an application for service providers (for example SMEs). With it, they can track projects, tasks and hours worked. From the first contact with a prospect till the invoicing of the project and processing of the job.

All your information available

Each employee has secure access to the information that he/she needs. He/she needs to register the information only once. Everyone registers his/her information in the same program (which actions were taken to work on a particular project and how much time was spent on it). Documents can be saved or consulted from Admin-Consult or from the Microsoft Office applications. Admin-Consult generates documents based on templates that you can create yourself. These documents can be printed or send by e-mail or fax.


Gathering data is one thing, using it usefully is another. You have to use this data to assess the situation in your organisation. Admin-Consult has a number of standard reports that you can open in Admin-Consult or in Excel (to do further calculations). Admin-Consult also has a report generator with which you can create your own reports.

Follow-up with your customer

You can register all your contact moments with a certain customer and you can link documents to it. That way, you can keep your colleagues posted.

Project follow-up

In Admin-Consult, you can follow your project from the first contact with your prospect. You can also determine the project estimate and planning. Each employee can see his/her tasks and when they need to finish them. Through the time registration, you can follow-up on the status of a particular project.


There are different invoicing methods in Admin-Consult. You choose the right method depending on the type of project or customer. You can invoice additional work separately or ‘per hour’. Admin-Consult is very flexible.

Time is money



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