You’re a specialised in the field of accountancy? Us too! Admin-IS is our solution for time registration, invoicing, contact management, task monitoring and reporting for accountants and auditors.

  • Admin-IS

A strong base

Admin-IS offers you an efficient solution for the management of customer- and performance data, time registration and the automatic generation of invoices.

A complete summary

  • A simple and complete summary of all your time registrations for the calculation and charging of costs to your customers.
  • A summary of your tasks with the help of our TaskFlow.
  • Admin-IS can be used on a standalone computer in a one-person business or in a network environment in offices with multiple employees.
  • Easy to use, without any unnecessary details, but with a correct management of all the (legal) documents and data.
  • An summary of the hours worked and customer invoices.
  • You can import your old data from other databases.
  • Different reporting possibilities, following the need-to-know principle.
  • You can export your reports to different Microsoft applications (Word, Access, and Excel).
  • Frequent updates and guaranteed follow-up of the legislation.

Time registration & invoicing

There are different ways to register your hours worked in Admin-IS. You can stop using Excel spreadsheets and loose papers. In addition, you can register all your costs and material usage. All of this information will be used for invoicing.

All the registered hours, costs and material usage are saved. They’re used to automatically generate your invoices. Admin-IS remembers which actions are yet to be invoiced. You can export the invoicing information to your accounting software. You can also send your invoices by e-mail. Quick and easy.


You get to know your customers and your services even better. Not only that, it’s – also thanks to your competitors – very useful to know your most profitable customers and to find out what the best way is to find new customers.

Planning & agenda

It’s very important that you (and your employees) use an agenda to plan your activities. Moreover, all these planned activities can be transferred to your time registration.


Admin-IS has a report generator with which you can create your own reports. We’ve provided some standard reports for you to use immediately.

All your information available in one software system

The integration of external applications becomes more and more important. We have agreements with other software developers in order to collect all information in one software system (SD Worx, Intersentia…). During the implementation of Admin-IS we make sure that as much data as possible is transferred from other sources (for example your accounting software). In addition, all of your sales invoices can be exported to your accounting software (if your accounting software has an import module).

HRM module

Admin-IS is able to register, manage and analyse all relevant data of an unlimited number of employees (work agreement, holidays…). All information regarding holidays, part-time work, sickness and working hours can be exported to a small file that you can e-mail to your human resources or accounting department.  

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