A solution for smartphone users. With this mobile app you can follow-up on your contacts and manage your tasks and plan by using your smartphone.

  • Admin-Mobile


  • Synchronisation of all your relations. For Admin-IS/Admin-Consult users: all NAP data (name, address, place of residence) and linked contacts will be transferred (available offline).
  • Synchronisation of the communications per relation (available offline).
  • Synchronisation off all (open) invoices per relation. Your invoice data and payments are available offline. You can also consult a PDF copy of the invoice (you need an internet connection).
  • Synchronisation of your tasks (available offline).
  • Creation of tasks/communications (you need an internet connection).
  • Synchronisation of your planning/agenda (available offline).
  • Creation of a planning (you need an internet connection).
  • Appointment alerts.

Planned functionalities

  • Create and register absences through the agenda.
  • Create a time registration and send a planning to your time registration.

You can download this app for free for Windows Phone (via Windows store), Apple iOS (via App Store) and Google Android (via Play Store) if you already use Admin-IS/Admin-Consult and Admin-Portal.

Available November 2014.

Time is money


Save time and money by streamlining your administration.

Information anytime anywhere


Your information, available at any time and from anywhere.