A simple newsletter tool?

  • Admin-News

Fast and simple

With Admin-News you can easily create and send your own newsletters. This way, you can easily react to new situations or new business challenges. Your newsletters are based on a template that you create yourself. This way, you can use your company branding (logo…). Do you want to send different types of newsletters? Easy! You can create as many templates as you like. Admin-News can import your Excel address lists and synchronise the addresses from Admin-IS or Admin-Consult.


Admin-News gathers the information of the people that read your newsletter. In addition, you receive the first reactions within a couple of minutes! That way, you get to know your customers better so that you can send them personalized information.


Sending a newsletter with Admin-News is very cheap. This way, you can use the same budget to communicate with your customers more frequently on a regular basis. Moreover, statistics show that if you regularly send a newsletter, you generate a higher turnover. Not only because you create a bond with your customer, but also because your customers get to know your products and/or services. One other thing: a newsletter is very accessible, many customers or website visitors are prepared to give you their e-mail address to receive information.

Good for the environment

Sending your newsletters with Admin-News is good for the environment: no paper, no ink and no transport. And you don’t need a storage room to file your newsletters! Another advantage: if you publish your newsletters on your website, your customers can read them whenever they like. 

Time is money



Information anytime anywhere