Syneton: The secret of succes

20 Aug

Eurochambres, the Federation of European Chambers of Commerce has been invited to nominate 1 entrepreneur per country as a candidate to appear in the ‘Secret of Success’ brochure for the European SME Week 2014, published by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. We are proud to let you know that the profile selected for this year’s brochure is Syneton.

The Commission was interested in successful digital entrepreneurs with an unusual or inspiring story to tell in terms of rate of growth, achievements, technological breakthrough, etc... They were also looking for a range of different profiles in terms of age, ethnic background, gender, age, nature of products/services and length of entrepreneurial experience.

EU SME Week and brochure
Coordinated by the European Commission, this campaign promotes enterprise across Europe in line with the Small Business Act for Europe. It is taking place in 37 countries, so events and activities – national, regional or local – will be as close as possible to existing and potential entrepreneurs.
The brochure "The Secret of Success" will be very widely disseminated, with the aim of raising the profile of entrepreneurs and of entrepreneurship as an attractive career choice, and to promote entrepreneurship education. As such, the format of the brochure will be adapted in order to be used as an educational aid by schools and universities in the EU.  With the G20 internet economy set to grow at an annual rate of 8% , web entrepreneurs have the potential to transform the European economy. The brochure will tell the story of how Europe’s web entrepreneurs are re-imagining every single European industry and holding out the promise of new jobs, new skills and new wealth. It will also help policy makers and students alike, draw conclusions on what it takes to build and grow a successful web-based business.

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